Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Anna visits Spain!

This weekend in Madrid, my good friend Anna from UNC and Pleiades (my NC ultimate team) visited me in Madrid! She is studying in Florence right now for the semester and wanted to come visit me in Madrid. I was super excited to have my first visitor and I went to go get her from the airport on Thursday night. It was so good to see her and to have a friend from UNC. I had to work on Friday so she spent the day doing a walking tour around Madrid and went to the Prado with my roomies Tory and Allison. I met up with her after school and we went to dinner at the Mercado de San Migel which is a cute little market near my apartment. After fighting off the masses of people that were there we got some delicious mussels and cheeses topped off by chocolate cake...que rico! Then we went out for drinks and catching up in the Matalasana area of Madrid. The next day (Saturday) we slept in for a bit then went to the market near my apartment to get some fresh veggies for the Italian dinner Anna wanted to make. I was so excited to have some good Italian food we went all out. We got all the ingredients, bread, wine, the whole nine yards! After getting everything for dinner Anna and I went to El Tigre for lunch. El Tigre is a famous tapas place where if you order a beer or a glass of wine they give you at least 2 plates of tapas. It is amazing! On Saturday afternoons, I usually play pick up with the frisbee team and Anna really wanted to play since she hadn't played in forever. It was so much fun and nice to have an old teammate on the field with me! After an awesome game we went home and made a delicious Italian dinner with bruschetta, homemade tomato sauce and fried eggplant. Mmmmm I am still having dreams about how good it was. On Sunday Anna had to leave around 3 so we went to Parque Retiro to throw the frisbee and chill. We ate some doner kebap (really cheap and delicious turkish food) and she was on her way back to Florence! It was so nice having her here and showing someone my home!

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  1. AHHH! This makes me insanely jealous, I miss you both!