Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Ultimate Tournament in Spain!

So this weekend one of our team capitan's Juan (or Jaunito), organized a hat tournament in Madrid this weekend. (Quick personal ultimate update: I was invited about a month or so to play on the Quijotes Coed team that practices Tuesdays and Thursdays. I used to practice on Wednesdays which was for the newer players. Although I definitely need to work on my game it has been nice to play more competitively and with better players). A hat tournament means that anyone can come to if they sign up. There were a bunch of people from the Quijotes who signed up as well as a couple of players from the ultimate team in Burgos and Santander. All in all there were about 50 players who signed up and 4 teams were divided up randomly by skill level on Saturday morning. My team was awesome! All the players were really nice and fun to play with. On Saturday we played a round robin of 3 games against the other 3 teams. We went 2-1 on Saturday qualifying us for the finals on Sunday. When not playing I got to socialize with some of the other players which was fun. On Saturday night a pizza dinner was provided (awesome!) and then there was a rockin' party afterwards. On Sunday, we played a round of discgolf and then moved into the semifinals and finals game. Sadly, our team (Baca con B was our name) lost in the finals 10-7 but we played a good game and had fun which is what a hat/ultimate is all about right? The ultimate season really kicks into gear in the spring so I'm getting pumped for more tournaments woohoo!!! FYI I am coming back to 'Mericaaaaaaa on December 21st (ie less than 7 days) and will stay until January 9th! Come hang out with me! Until then...here are some pictures from the ultimate tournament.
All the players from Juanito's Hat Ultimate Tournament! See if you can find me haha

My team before our first game Saturday!

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