Monday, February 22, 2010

How many Romanesque churches can be in one Spanish town?

Well, the answer to this complex question is a whooooooooooooooooole lot! Last weekend, my good friend Lauren Edwards came from France to visit me! She is also teaching English in an elementary school about 2 hours outside of Paris. Since Lauren had 2 weeks of vacation from school she decided to have a holiday in Spain, always a good choice in my mind. We spent the weekend touring around Madrid which was really good because I don't do tons of touristy stuff since I live here. Its a bad mentality to have but I'm working on it hahaha. We went to Parque Retiro, the Reina Sophia, and the Prado. Because she is also a frisbee player of course we had to go to the Saturday pickup game to play some ultimate! It was also Allison's birthday so we celebrated on Saturday night with a night out on the town. On Monday, Allison had the day off so all of us went to Segovia. Segovia is a small town that is about an hour north of Madrid. It is famous for the Roman aqueduct that still remains there as well as its cathedral and castle. Segovia also has the highest concentration of Romanesque churches out of any city in Europe, betcha didn't you know that did ya?!?!The castle was inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's castle at Disney World and was really beautiful. We spent most of the day walking around the city to see the different monuments, have lots of coffee because it was really cold and find as many churches as we possibly could! It was a really great weekend and I'm really glad I got to see Lauren and she got to see my home! Now I just have to go to France...

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