Thursday, May 19, 2011

Smells like teen spirit

I am really lucky. Only by being an English speaker, I automatically have endless amounts of job oportunities. There are always options for working from private classes, to academies, private schools and summer camps. I am a rare specimen for a 23 year old living in Madrid. I have a secure job, I don't live with my parents, and I have finished my university degree. Those 3 facts don't apply to most people my age in Spain. If you didn't already know, Spain's economy is pretty much down the toilet right now and only getting worse. Everyone jokes about la crisis but it is a real threat right now. There are 5 million people unemployed and Spain has a growing debt. 

Because of this, many youth of Madrid and Spain have taken to demonstrating in the streets before election time. Yesterday and for the rest of this week, there has been a massive demonstration protesting the economic downturn and discontent of Spain's youth. Thousands of people have gathered in Madrid's center Puerta del Sol to raise hell before the elections. They are jobless, living with their parents, and are looking down the barrel of a pretty bleak future right now. They blame the government and political systems for their failure to provide options and opportunities. And in one sense I understand. I think the people who are protesting are really frustated and are probably looking for a job. I know I was frustrated after spending 21 years of my life educating myself only to find I had little job opportunities. In another sense, hard to take a protest seriously when half the people interviewed on the news are holding a bottle of cerveza in their hand. I wonder if these people are actually looking for any job they can possibly get. I'll keep you updated as Sunday's elections grow closer. If I were a politician, I would be feeling a little under pressure right now. 

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