Monday, November 14, 2011

Spanish wedding: parte dos

I promised more photos of Spanish wedding fashion and here they are! 

Lovely ladies at the wedding!
 The beautiful bride, Amaya. It's a little blurry because it was raining and dark at 6pm haha. 
My Spanish wedding guest fashion. Did it make the cut? I think so... all of Alberto's girlfriends really liked it! (and I did too)
The survivors of the night, shutting down the bars in Burgos at 7 am. Que vivan los novios!

Diosssssss I love Spanish weddings. 


  1. Damn Jess, looking good! Love the dress!

  2. :) Cute. One of my favorite parts is how randomly someone will scream "¡Vivan los novios!" Haha. Although I suppose it depends on who's getting married. I've gone to two weddings and the atmosphere was definitely distinct.

  3. ohhhh my I love Spanish wedding fashion. Amaya's dress is amazing! Is she Basque or did her parents just get on the trendy "name your kid a basque name" bandwagon (is that a thing? I think it's a thing)?

  4. also I know this is really specific but I really like the font you're using for the navigation (home/about) bars at the top.

  5. hahaha thanks guys!
    @ Claires- thanks guapa!
    @ Kaley- this wedding and the last one was definitely open to shouting que vivan los novios at all times during dinner and random singing. I loved it!
    @Kit- thanks and Amaya is from Burgos so i think her parents are on the basque bandwagon haha. i really like the name though!