Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pobre Spain

When I saw my blogger friend Kaley's facebook post on the announcement of Spain's Olympic attire, I excitedly clicked to see what traje the athletes would be wearing in the opening ceremonies. My mouth dropped in shock and slight horror when I saw the picture. 

Whaaaaaaaaat? Ok lets address the first glaring problem...these are pretty much hideous. In my opinion, Spanish people dress quite well and (also in my opinion) these uniforms are tacky and look cheap. I mean you are presenting your country's best athletes to the entire world, shouldn't they look good? These just don't make cut and the material looks kind of like something you would see at the Sunday market El Rastro in Madrid. Yikes. 

As I was reading the article I found out that the company contracted to make these uniforms is an italian-russian company called Bosco. Hmmm that's strange. The article commented that most countries try to pick a designer from their country, you know for like national pride. What's the deal-io Spain? The article did not state a reason for why Spain did not choose a Spanish designer but the fashion community is not happy about it. And I have to say I agree with them. The Olympics is about having pride in your country and choosing a designer that isn't from there for the Olympics doesn't seem to show a whole lot of it. In this time of crisis, Spain should show that Spanish products and designers are valuable and that they take pride in them. Get in the spirit of the games Spain!


  1. It is very odd! I mean, the ugliness is bad enough, but it seems like maybe they should've used a Spanish designer!

  2. Totally agree! With all the good designers here I was really surprised by the decision.