Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One last hurrah

So I have one more day left in Spain and this past weekend was my last weekend in Europe for a while. So what did I do as my going away party you ask? Went to an ultimate frisbee tournament in Venice, Italy of course! No better way to celebrate right? Although getting to the tournament took a long time with getting a plane, then a bus, then a train, and then a boat it was really fun! The tournament took place on the island of Lido which is off the Venetian lagoon. It was a beautiful place but the humidity there was muuuuuuuuuch worse than in Madrid where there basically is none. On Saturday the humidity and heat there while playing was almost unbearable. We played really well on Saturday winning all of our games despite suffering in the heat on the beach. Fortunately we could take a dip in the water after every game. After the games on Saturday we had the tournament dinner outside overlooking the water and Venice. The tournament is called Redemption and take place during a festival in Venice. At night there are an hour of fireworks in the city. After eating some delicious Italian food we could sit by the water and watch the fireworks over the city. It was absolutely beautiful. On Sunday we played only 2 more games because we had to leave early to make it back for our flight in Madrid on time. My team, Los Quijotes, ended up coming in 4 in the tournament out of 24 teams which was really exciting! Although we had to go far for the tournament it was a great way to go out with a bang! I leave to come back home to NC tomorrow and I'm excited to be home for a while!

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