Wednesday, February 23, 2011

confessions of an inadequate blogger

I'm not gonna lie I started this blog for my parents and my grandparents but as I read back on I am glad I have kept an online record of my time here in Spain. This year I have been reading more blogs of people who live in various parts of Spain and I have to admit sometimes I get really intimidated. I usually make my posts about things I do in the city or trips I take which maybe totals out to once a week. Then I see some of my other friends (cough Kit cought) who update almost daily and while I admire it, my life is just not that interesting. I know I live in Spain and all but my day to day life is still normal life--I go to work, do english classes, play ultimate in my free time. Although sometimes I think gahh why can't I come up with more things to write/reflect on so Kit doesn't kick me off her "Blogs I'm reading" list, it does challenge me to be more adventurous in posting. I definitely don't consider myself a really talented or funny writer but I want to put more of myself out there. Although writing about traveling is exciting in its own right, the little daily differences between living here and in NC also are worthy of blogging about! Can I get an amen?

P.S. Kit I'm not hatin', you are an awesome blogger and the bomb dot com


  1. Ha ha!! I´m flattered as all getout by this, and if it helps at all I get intimidated all the time (ever read Love & Paella? Canelle et Vanille?). You kind of just make yourself think of something to post a couple times a week and it happens because you won´t let yourself not post (it also helps to drop your standards for what´s post-worthy - apparently the fact that it rains a lot in basque country merited its own post. haha).

  2. I just want to say that I post fairly often, but it's not to any sort of talent. Rather, it's due to pure, unadulterated boredom.

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