Sunday, February 20, 2011

no that's not photoshopped, i really was in bernabeu

On my long list of things to do while in Spain, go to a soccer game is one of them. I am not a very active soccer fan but I know going to a game would be totally different from just seeing it on TV. I didn't go when I was in Sevilla, didn't go last year so this year was the year! And I didn't even see Real Madrid...I saw la Seleccion Espanola!! That team that won the World Cup last year?? Yep, that's right! And I didn't even know we were going. Here's what happened, I met up with Alberto last Wednesday and he told me he had something planned but it was a surprise. We met up to first go to dinner at a top secret location to meet with unknown people. Turns out we went to Alfredo's, the famous Texas restaurant here in Madrid that has the best burger I've ever had in Spain, hands down. We met Jose and Ani from the frisbee team and ate really good burgers and baked potatoes. I thought it was really strange that everyone seemed like they were in a hurry to eat and get out. I mean this is Spain and everything is about going slow right? We finished dinner in an half an hour. I was kind of suspicious but they told me that the la furia roja was playing in a scrimmage game in Bernabeu and they really wanted to see it at a bar near the stadium. We were speed walking to get to the stadium and I was wondering why this game was so important to see the very beginning. We were right next to the stadium and there were tons of people lining up and pushing to get in. Jose turns to us and says well this is so many people maybe we can try to get in. Thinking this was a joke I was like haha okay let's give it a whirl, this system is so disorganized that we might actually have a chance. And if not we'll get turned away and just go to a bar. They were all looking at me strangely like why are you going along with this? Then Jose reached into his pocket and pulled out the tickets! I just got punked. We hurried up 6 flights of stairs to find our seats and when I walked out into the stadium the first time, my knees went weak. Huge doesn't even describe it, I felt like I was at the Super Bowl. And with everyone there cheering, it just made it even better. It was so cool! I felt like as giddy as a schoolgirl, looking every which way to see everything. The game itself was not the most exciting but I was really happy to see all the players from team playing together again. Spain narrowly pulled out the win, scoring a goal late in the second half. I was in awe the whole time at the stadium and the atmosphere, I was on cloud 9 the whole next day. Check soccer game off the bucket list!
The pictures don't do it justice.
La furia roja!
Ani and me in the stadium.

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