Friday, April 29, 2011

Journey to Eastern Europe: Prague

After trying to find enough time to go a little bit farther than France or Italy (not that they aren´t awesome) I got to go to Berlin and Prague  for Semana Santa this year. Coming off a really good frisbee tournament (we came in 3rd place) I was excited for some much needed vacation. I had heard lots of good things about both cities and I was excited to find out about them for myself. First up was Prague and it was just as charming as everyone said it would be. And they had the best thing I have ever found in a European city....A BAGEL SHOP!!! Like with real American bagels, cream cheese, and unlimited refills on coffee. I was on cloud nine. Of course there were some other good things too:
Beautiful architecture everywhere we went. 

A charming castle

Beer gardens overlooking the city

Easter markets

And great company (my teammates Lauren and Chelsi). What more could a girl ask for?

Coming soon, part 2 in Berlin!

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  1. hey what all did you eat while you were in Germany?? I just love how crazy rich everything is, I would get so fat there and not even mind!