Monday, April 4, 2011

spring is nature's way of saying- "let's party!"

Spring has finally come to Madrid! Although the weather has been a little topsy turvy (one day raining the next day beautiful) it seems that we are finally having some nice weather in Madrid. There are lots of things I'll be looking forward to about spring here. The nice weather is clearly the best part about spring. It's not too hot and perfect for doing lots of things outside. Picnic-ing, going to the park, playing frisbee, having caƱas while people watching, and generally being in good mood because its nice outside. And the mack daddy of all good spring happenings in Madrid... color and patterns return to Spanish stores!!!! Yes, after months of suffering through every shade of brown, gray, black, white, and tan I can finally see bright colors and fun patterns in Zara, Bershka and my other favorite tiendas. Hooray! As a loyal follower of What Not to Wear one of my biggest complaints about Spanish fashion is the lack of color or pattern. Haven't they learned anything from Stacey and Clinton??

Although I think I would love spring in just about any part of the world, it does really make me miss spring Chapel Hill. The lazy days on the quad, sweet tea, the azaleas blooming around the Old Well, the perfume-like smell of honeysuckle, I could go on and on. But spring in Chapel Hill will have to wait one more year because I have decided to stay one more year here in the great land of Espain!

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