Monday, October 17, 2011

Making Madrid new and funky

 Inspired by fellow blogger and advice-giver Cat from Sunshine and Siestas, I have been trying to make Madrid a new city. This is my third year in the city and while I'm glad I'm not in the study abroad state  mind, I also don't want  fall into a rut. Living here is an amazing opportunity and since I don't know when I'll go back to the USA I feel I should aprovechar every day. So in trying to make Madrid a "new city" I decided to do something different. Duh duh duhhhhhhh...sign up for a funky class!

What is funky you ask? It's a style of dance that is best described as what you see in music videos. It helps me become one step closer to being Beyonce (ie my idol) and is something different to do. I love to dance so what the heck. I showed up to class in workout gear thinking I'm going to break a sweat but once again looked like a guiri (foreigner) by wearing excercise clothes to a dance class. Siiiiiiiigh. Of course, in a Spanish dance class you wear anything but. That includes: jeans, shoes that aren't sneakers, unsupportive bras, and a variety of other things. Anyway, I was nervous that in a dance class I would be a little lost or not understand but surprisingly its gone really well. All though I think I have more rhythm than the average white girl, class is harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd. The moves are always changing and they go by really fast. But I love it because it challenges me and is a different excercise from ultimate frisbee. And our instructor puts on Boyz II Men for our cool down stretches everytime. YESSSSSSSSS! 

Although its something small, it makes my Mondays much better and I feel like I'm taking advantage of a different part of the city. And the fact that I do something I haven't ever thought to do in a different country and different language sometimes really amazes me. I don't want to sound pretentious, but it surprises me when I think about my daily life and realize that I find it normal to do things in a different language. It's truely amazing. And I was chatting to some of the girls in class so who knows, maybe I'll make a friend! 

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