Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why I love Spanish Sundays

One of the cultural differences that I think many expats (myself included) notice between the US and Spain is the way people allow themselves to relax on the weekends. But actually relax, forget about work etc and just enjoy the time they have away from hectic daily life. No day of the week encompasses this attitude more than Sunday. Even in Madrid, almost all the shops are closed and everyone takes the day to relax and disconnect. Take a look at my Sunday:

10:30 am-Get up with no hurry and eat breakfast while reading.
11:00-1-Watch TV and think about what to eat for lunch.
2:30-Make and eat lunch. Watch the news.
5:00-Meet with Alberto and some friends to have some cañas or small beers in one of my favorite areas of Madrid, La Latina.

9:00-Return home to write this blog post and do some lesson planning for tomorrow. Read books on my Kindle.

Hard life right? Ok...ok during the week I am pretty busy but I make time to relax on the weekend and recharge my batteries for the next week. Spain just makes it easy. 

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  1. That sounds like a pretty good Sunday. I like the Sundays where I'm at Mario's parents' house and his mother cooks up the big Sunday lunch. Then it's naptime! (There's really no other option!)