Monday, January 16, 2012

When Spanish gets complicated

Remember how I said having a Spanish novio helps you learn Spanish? Well check out what he got me for Christmas:

He tells me that my questions about the subjuctive, por vs. para and other Spanish grammar specifics have gotten to difficult. SPorque es asi he says, "Because that's the way it is". Well I need better answers! So he got me book. And now I have homework. Be careful what you wish for...


  1. Hahaha Mario is pretty good with this, but there are points in which I find a mistake (in the newspaper or whatever) and he has problems explaining whether it's a common usage or a correct usage of the word/phrase. :)

  2. So lucky! Most of the time Alberto knows the answer but sometimes with the subjective he can't explain why its one form and not the other hahaha.