Saturday, January 7, 2012


I have a love hate relationship with airports. On one hand I loved coming home this Christmas to have my family waiting for me with open arms. I think airport hugs are about the best hugs on the planet. I have spent an amazing break spending time with my friends and family, trying to catch up with all the people whose lives I've missed out on in the last year. On the other, airport goodbyes are about the worst in the world. I hate goodbyes anyway, but getting on plane makes them so much harder. 

As I spoke and visited many of my friends, I found myself thinking how much everyone has changed. Well, they haven't changed but they have. All my friends are in school or working, building their life after college. And after being away for almost an entire year, it struck me just how much of their lives I've missed. When talking to my friends I felt like I knew almost nothing about their current lives: what they were doing, who they were dating, the mundane stuff that happens in their lives. Although its hard for many people to believe, its one of the part of living abroad that sucks. Everyone at home moves on without you. 

I know I can't stop everyone else from continuing on with their lives, but I can be better about keeping in touch with them about it. When it comes to living between 2 countries I feel you have to take the Tim Gunn approach to it, you have to make it work. 

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