Saturday, September 19, 2009

One bad thing about living in Spain

Is that I can't wear heels. I am already tall and Spaniards are generally really short. I brought some of my fave heels but I can't really wear any of them unless I want to tower over everyone here. Which really isn't that bad because I get the awesome opportunity to live in a foreign country for a year! In other news I think we finally have an apartment (the one I wrote about)! I don't want to get totally settled on the fact that we will be done with apartment hunting until we sign the contract but I am really hoping all goes as planned! Tonight in Madrid there is a big city celebration called La Noche en Blanco and there will be live performances all over the city. We are all going out tonight for the first time so I think we are going to try and catch some of the shows. I also got a babysitting job where I will be watching a 2 year old girl twice a week. Her mom wants me to take her to the park and play with her but to also speak English while I'm there so she will get used to it. I met with her mom and dad today just to talk about what the job entails but I get to meet Isabel (the girl I'm watching) next Tuesday! Her dad showed me pictures of her and she is super cute so I'm really excited! We are supposed to move into the new apartment on Monday hooray! It will be nice to be settled and not living out of a suitcase.

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  1. awesome jess! I hope you're having uber amounts of fun!