Saturday, September 12, 2009

To quote Andy Bernard- Its on like a prawn on the lawn at dawn

Apartment hunting that is. After resting up from the long flight here my friend Tory and I got our cell phones and started calling about apartments, or pisos, that we liked on the internet. Finding an apartment was one of the things I had been dreading about moving here to Madrid. Usually I can understand everything a Spaniard says when I talk to them in person but on the phone is a whole new ballgame. I definitely felt like I had no idea 80% of what people were saying on the phone, so trying to make an appointment to see the apartments we liked has been an experience. However, after spending most of yesterday calling people and seeing apartments talking on the phone has gotten a lot easier. We went to see 3 pisos yesterday and 2 of them I really liked. They are both in the area we are interested in (Retiro) which is near Parque de Buen Retiro which is really nice and tranquil. The landladies were so nice and the apartments were really cute. Both of them already come completely furnished which is fantastic. It seems like most apartments here are. We are going to keep looking for more around the area and I'm sure we'll find a great apartment. Tory and I's third room mate Allison is coming on Tuesday so hopefully we will have narrowed down our options to our favorites by then. Once we decide on one I'll definitely put up lots of pics.

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  1. "Most of the apartments come fully furnished" ????? NO WAY!!! We should have gotten one big piso in Sevilla!!!!!