Monday, May 31, 2010

Jack and Isaac visit Spain!

As I mentioned earlier, my brother Jack and his friend Isaac came to visit me and see some of Spain! They arrived two weeks ago and spent most of their first week touring around Madrid and some of the surrounding cities like El Escorial. They went to tour around Real Madrid's stadium, Bernabeau and really enjoyed how much everyone here cares so much about futbol. They were also around for the finals of the Champions League in futbol which was here in Madrid. The game was between Byer from Germany and Inter from Italy and the city was mobbed with fans! During the day they were all over the center of the city and really raucous, we even saw a big fight. We watched the game in a local bar and although it was not a very interesting game the atmosphere was really fun. The next day we went to play disc golf with the frisbee team which although very pollen-y was a whole lot of fun! On Monday, Jack, Isaac and I went to Toledo which is about an hour outside of Madrid. We were lucky in that we had a beautiful day and we arrived a little outside of the center of the the city. The city was up on a hill so we had quite a hike to get up there but it was well worth it. The city was absolutely beautiful with a lot of medieval style architecture and winding streets. We stopped to see the cathedral first which is usually in the center of every city in Spain so low and behold there was a tourist office right next to it hahaha. After taking some pictures of the cathedral we moved on to find some lunch and go see the Alcazar which was unfortunately closed for construction. Then we went to see one of the most famous work's of El Greco called "El Entierro del Senor de Orgaz" which was painted onto the wall of the church of San Tome. Luckily we were stuck behind a tour group as we entered the church that happened to be in english so we got to listen in about the painting! Then we walked to a bridge that led out of the city and took some more pictures. Tired after a long day of walking we headed back home to Madrid. Jack and Isaac went on to visit Barcelona during the week and then I headed there for La Liga Campeonato de Espana (aka The Spanish Championship League for Ultimate frisbee) for Open and Women. I will write more about the results later...

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