Sunday, June 6, 2010

X Campeonato de España Beach Ultimate OPEN / WOMEN 2010

I'm sure you guys are sick of reading all of my posts about ultimate frisbee here in Madrid and in Spain, right?? Well guess what, there's more! Well last weekend there was the Open and Women's Ultimate Championship of Spain. Like I said we normally play as a Co-ed team but we split sometimes for tournaments. After our women's tournament we decided to begin to practice more as a women's team in preparation for La Liga. Although we have really strong women players, we have struggled with numbers for a team and for practicing together. The Dulcineas arrived at the tournament (which was played on beach) low in numbers but really excited to play. However, we knew we had a lot of strong competition. Although we went into the first game with a lot of excitement we soon discovered that we lacked some team cohesion and made a lot of unforced errors. We started the day of with a loss and continued to make poor choices. It was as if we were playing while sleepwalking and not focused at all. We had a talk after the second game and decided that we needed to start playing like we knew how. We began to play much better in our last two games but had problems scoring points on offensive so we ended the day with 4 losses. I was really bummed about our results but it is hard to play well together when we don't have a lot of opportunities to practice. However, we had planned to dress up as a team and preform a dance for the rest of the teams at the party on Saturday night. We decided on the song "Poker Face" and our inspiration was Lady Gaga, of course! So we all got decked out and made our entrance into the party. Although we probably looked crazy, our dance was a hit!

On Sunday, Dulcineas started off with much more energy and patience. We began to make fewer errors and had more of a team flow. We ended up winning our first game!!! However we had to face one of the best women's teams in Spain, Corocotta from Santander. It was very windy so there were a lot of turnovers in the game. We played very good defense but once again had trouble scoring when we were in the end zone. We lost by 2 points and finished 6th in the tournament overall. Although a little bummed by our final standing our team was glad we had improved over the tournament and had a lot of fun! The boys team better, finishing 4th in the tournament. Another great weekend in the Spanish world of ultimate! Next up we have a tournament in Amsterdam called Windmill Windup which is supposedly one of the biggest in Europe. But check out the video of the tournament above I am in it twice! (hint I'm number 33 and we wear red and white!)

My team, Dulcineas, decked out in our Gaga finest!

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