Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jappi Jalogüin!

One of the most startling things about working in a Spanish school is how much they love to celebrate holidays. Coming from the US where celebrating holidays in school is usually considered a violation of personal rights and a waste of time, going bananas to celebrate holidays is really different. But Spaniards love a party, so I guess it makes sense. I have enjoyed celebrating holidays at school and the kids get SO excited for them. Probably because we get an entire week to make decorations for the school but whatever. We celebrated Halloween on Friday of last week but most of the week was spent making treats, decorations for the hall, and learning the trick-or-treat song. I'm not going to lie our school was tricked out from top to bottom with every classroom or hallway having something Halloween-related in it. My co-worker Carmella and I even put on a show for everyone at school on Friday. Do you remember doing that experiment in elementary school where you have cold spaghetti in a box and you put your hand, and it feels like brains? Well that is what we did but times 10. We decorated the library to look like a lab and the teachers found several black lights which made all the white super awesome. Carmella and I came early on Friday to do our make up and put on our costumes. Here's what we came up with:

Can you say fabulous? Anyway, every grade came down to our "lab" and we told them that we had just cut up Frankenstein's body but forgot where we put the parts. The kids had to put their hands into the boxes and tell us what "body part" they thought it was. Watching the kids faces as they touched the spaghetti/tomatoes/hot dogs/mushrooms/peeled grapes that we had was pretty priceless. Even though they cried "Que asco!" (Gross!) I know they were totally loving it. After we finished our show for every grade we went out to the playground to see all the kids dressed up in their costumes and get some candy. All the kids were so cute in their costumes although for Halloween in Spain everyone only dresses in scary costumes. Below you can see some of my little vampires, witches and monsters! Are they precious?

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