Sunday, January 23, 2011

farting around

his weekend I went to Burgos (a city in Castilla y Leon) with Alberto for a big meal with all of his friends. It was called "La Gran Alubiada" because we were going to be eating alubias, which are a bean typical to eat in Castilla y Leon. We arrived on Saturday, hungry and ready to eat! I was excited to try alubias because I had never had them before but everyone told me in the group that although they were delicious...they gave you gas. There were jokes all day about farting, not surprising since I have found Spaniards are pretty open about bodily functions. We sat down for our meal around 3 in the afternoon and first had the alubias. They looked like this:

It was the perfect soup for a cold place like Burgos and so delicious! After 2 bowls of the alubias came the huge plate of meat. I was already full but how could I pass up morcilla de Burgos, ribs, pork belly, basically the entire pig on a plate. Mmmmmmmmm pork. Although I was totally stuffed they brought out desserts, coffee and after meal liquors. We sat around till the restaurant closed digesting our food and hoping they person sitting next to you wouldn't pass gas hahaha. It was something really fun to do and a really delicious meal!

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