Sunday, August 21, 2011


Although CNN would have told us otherwise, Alberto and I successfully avoided the 16 year old rioters and had an amazing time in London. Here is our trip in a nutshell:

We saw all the big sights and had good weather!!

 Visited old friends. 
 Had afternoon tea
 Went on some outdoor adventures. 

 Did embarassingly touristy things like wait for a picture with Big Ben, a telephone booth, and a red bus altogether. And taking pictures at 9 and three-quarters. 

Saw lots of historical things. 

 We took a day trip to Brighton, a city on the coast. 

 Took a stroll through the famous Camden Town and their alternative markets that all sell the same things. Oh and ate some of the best doughnuts ever. 

And probably the best part of the trip. Eating a huge, delicious burrito at Chipotle. Thank God for good Tex-Mex. 

See that expression on my face? That's called pure bliss. 

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