Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stop the presses

Two major things are happening right now in Madrid and in the USA. And I'm not talking about the debt ceiling.

Number 1: Although in August Madrid becomes a ghost city as everyone goes on vacation, we are getting a special visitor this week. He is old, has a funny name, wears a lot of gold and hails from Vatican City. Any guesses? 
That's right his Holiness himself, is coming to visit and give mass on Thursday this week in Madrid. The World Youth Day is taking place here in the city and the Pope will be making an appearance. Being blessed in 105 degree heat hmmm, I think I'll pass. Can you be blessed on TV? 

Number 2: Look out America, 100 Montaditos is coming!!! The extremely popular restaurant chain that I know and love in Madrid is going global. The restaurant offers 100 little sandwiches and cheap jarras of beer, so I hope it will be successful. If there is one way to Americans' heart, it is through cheap Budlight. Come on America, lets make this a sucess!!