Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Birthday notes from the farm

If you didn't know already lovely readers, today is my 24th birthday! And after living almost a quarter century (woah) I have to say this is my most interesting birthday yet. I can't say I will ever wake up again on my birthday morning and turn a compost pile first thing. However, I was greeted at breakfast with flowers from the garden and a birthday card from Kay and Bernie so I get some celebrating in! It has been a refreshing change of pace to live out in the boondocks and escape the urban jungle that is Madrid. After 5 days in living in the country here are some things I've been noticing so far:

1. It's quieeeeeeeeet! I am never woken up in the  middle of the night by an upstairs neighbor who thinks she is a flamenco dancer at 3 in the morning. I can't hear cars or people or music and it's amazing. I am sleeping like a rock with only crickets and cicadas as my orchestra. 

2. The food is fresh. One of the best things about the farm is that what we eat most days is coming directly from the garden. Last night the salad we had for dinner came straight from the vegetable patch and onto my plate. We eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies which is a nice change from Gredos food. Although most food would be better than Gredos food, let's face it. 

3. Dirt, sweat and compost. I have been working outside in the garden everyday and its relaxing to not have to deal with children and teaching for while. I love teaching but I am appreciating working with my hands and being able to see (or eat) what I have done at the end of the day.

4. The British are coming! And there is a lot of bloodys, bollocks, and buggers a-flyin! For the first time in a while I'm outnumbered by the English. Usually its the other way around so I can give them a hard time about weird sayings/pronuciations/spellings and mannerisms. However, Kay and Bernie have a community of expats that live here and visit regularly so I am on the other end of the jokes. I am learning a lot about the residents of UK by talking with them and watching BBC. Bernie and Kay have both been extremely generous and welcoming for which I am greatful. Even if I do have to hear them laugh everytime I say eggplant or zucchini. Oh well, you say tomaaaaato and I say tomato. 

I promise to put up my pictures as soon as I get back to Madrid and find my camera chord. Til then you'll have to put up with Google. I'm off to celebrate my birthday!

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