Friday, June 25, 2010

School's Ouuuuut for Summer!

Well folks, I never thought it would actually be here but Wednesday was our last day of school. It's hard to believe that a whole year has gone by! As an end of the year celebration we went on a field trip for our last day of school. I'm not going to lie this was the field trip I was looking forward to allllllll year. It was to Micropolix, the city for children. All of the kids at school talk about it all the time. So naturally I was curious to see what this "children's city" was all about (even though as an "adult" I couldn't participate). Oh man, it was everything I expected and more!
So we arrived to Micropolix in the morning with about 6 other schools who were there for the day. All the kids received a passport, a map of the city, and a check for 50 eurix (the currency of the city). Once they entered the city they had to go to bank to cash their check and then go around to the different places you could work to try and earn money. They could go to the hospital, firefighter, police station, theater, radio station, art gallery, newspaper office just to name a few to learn how to do the different jobs. The coolest thing was that they had to spend 20 minutes or so learning what to do on the job first (not just go in and do what they wanted). They had to pay to learn and then they could help with the job, which is how they earned money. And the whole place was decorated like a miniature city. It was amazing because the kids were so into it! They were running around the city looking for the different jobs they wanted to do. Micropolix even had a driving school where you could take the test for your driver's license! Once having your driver's license you could drive in miniature cars around the city roads. Ya'll can't even imagine how jealous I was not to be a kid! All I could do was spend the day watching the kids have a blast. Yasmin and I were the 2 auxiliars on the trip and we walked around to explore the city and take pictures.
At the end of the day, I had to say goodbye to the kids I had spent the whole year with. It was really hard but I knew that I was going to see them soon. I have renewed my contract as an auxiliar and I am going to be at Andres Segovia the coming year. So I get to see all of them again (which made parting not so sorrowful)!! Check out some pictures of Micropolix:

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