Saturday, October 10, 2009

The wonders of Ikea

I mentioned that our apartment came fully furnished but it was lacking some personality like our pictures etc. It didn't really feel like home because we don't have too many things to put in it. However, there is also an Ikea in Madrid that is accessible by metro. Now I know that Ikea has recently come to Charlotte, but I didn't get the chance to go before I left. Clearly, I had to go for the first time while I was here. It was FANTASTIC! It was so big and it was so fun to walk through all the different display rooms to see what they had. Ikea had about a bazillion things to choose from and it made me want my own apartment to decorate (with an unlimited budget of course). We went to get just get place mats, picture frames, and more silverware but we came out with about 20 things more. After going down to the storeroom we got a bunch of picture frames to put around our living room, some candles for our table, and some odds and ends for the kitchen. We topped off the whole afternoon by eating at the Ikea restaurant and as we were leaving the entire staff broke out in a choreographed dance to Mamma Mia by ABBA which totally made my day! All in all a productive day and I am now in love with Ikea! Here are some pics of our apartment with our new decor!

Our table complete with the lava lamp our landlord's son gave us (yessssss) and our Panaphone bought from a Chino (the equivalent to a Spanish dollar store) which advertised on the box: Works in the world!

The new candles on our living room table.

Our pictures!!! These definitely make the apartment feel more homey.

Our new and improved dining table.

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