Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yessica, Mañana Halloween!

Well this week at school was dedicated completely to Halloween. We forgot about science and English grammar and focused on Halloween activities only. The kids were so excited about Halloween we started a countdown in class. It was a little different to go from the US where holidays are not allowed to be celebrated in school to Spain where they reserved an entire week for a holiday. Every day of the week we had a different activity like a craft, snack, or song to do or learn. We decorated the hallways of the school with bats that the kids made, streamers, and Halloween pictures. In Maria Jesus's class I helped to put up spider webs around the class and did a play for the kids based off of The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. We also learned a Halloween rap which the kids absolutely loved. In my 3rd grade class, we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas and made monster finger puppets. After spending the whole week decorating and getting ready, Friday was finally Halloween! In the morning the fourth graders put on a Halloween play for the school which was so cute! Then after lunch, all the kids got dressed up to go trick or treating around school and have a Halloween party. All the boys dressed as vampires and all the girls dressed as witches. There is not much originality when it comes to costumes in Spain and everyone is something scary. I was assigned to help out with the 5 year olds to help them put on their costumes, the whole class was vampires and help them put on makeup. Then we went from class to class to go trick or treating. The kids had to sing the trick-or-treat smell my feet song in order to get candy. It was so cute! I dressed up as a pirate and everyone really liked my costume (maybe because I wasn't a witch hahaha). We ended the day with a Halloween party outside on the patio. All the parents brought snacks and candy and there was a lot of music. The other auxiliares and I set up a booth where kids could reach into a bag with peeled grapes and cold spaghetti etc to try and guess what body part they thought it was. Even though the kids acted like they were really grossed out, but I think they loved it. I really had fun with Halloween but it was exhausting! Here are some pictures!

My pirate costume! Here I'm holding out some hotdogs for the kids to touch... they were supposed to be fingers!

Another auxiliar, Rich, dressed as a mummy with some of the teachers from school.

Some of the kids from my fourth grade class preforming a Halloween play.

The hallways at school!


  1. Oh this is fantastic! Love the pics Jess! Keep it up!!!!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I love that everyone was either a witch or a vampire haha. I didn't even know they celebrated Halloween in Spain...!