Monday, October 4, 2010


One of the many perks of living in Spain is the fashion and clothing that they have here. Although I think I have my own personal style I love being able to wear ridiculous European fashion (and know someone will always out-dress me on the metro). I know I have bought somethings here that I would have been reluctant to wear in Chapel Hill, the land of seersucker and polos. However, I can work them here like true European. I don't hop onto to every fashion fad bandwagon because I would be broke but I do try out some of them. Although I'm waiting to get my first paycheck to buy some things, I have had my eye on some fall items. Here's what's on my list:

1. A faux fur vest: I can't decide if this would be totally awesome or I would look like a bulky polar bear. It would be my one fall/winter trend piece. I am trying to search for the perfect vest in the stores around here but hopefully look something like this.
2. Lots of pairs of cool flats: These are everywhere in Madrid and really reasonably priced. Since they are my staple to wear to work/out I go through them very fast. My awesome black flats bit the dust last year after lots of walking around in them.

3. A pair of over the knee boots (in black or gray): Boots are my staple footwear in the winter when its really cold and they are also in abundance all over Madrid. I have seen a lot of flat OTK boots which is good so that you can avoid the street-walker vibe haha.

4. A leather(probably faux) bomber jacket: I think this would be an awesome addition to my wardrobe. It's really trendy right now in Madrid but its something that is totally classic. My ideal one would look kind of like this:
That's the top of my wish list for right now but it's never ending haha. I'll give you updates after I go shopping!

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  1. good gravy, i can't stop obsessing over euro fashion trends that i need in on. i lasted a whole two weeks before i bought the "pulseras sara carbonero" aka decenarios, hahaha