Sunday, October 3, 2010

The man, the myth, the legend...David Bisbal

One night last week I was surfing the internet with Tory to see what concerts were coming to Madrid, we came upon Christmas come early. One of our favorite Spanish artists, David Bisbal, was coming to Madrid...this Saturday! Immediately we checked to see if any tickets were left. Because the concert was being held in a soccer complex outside of Madrid there were plenty of tickets left and they were only 17 euros! Tory, Allison, Bethany and I all decided this was not an opportunity we could pass up. David Bisbal was the winner of the Spanish version of American Idol in 2002 and I have been a fan of his since I studied abroad in Sevilla. Although he has many fans in Spain, I think going to his concert is kind of like going to see Justin Beiber in the US. Kind of cheesy, but you secretly love it(and know all the words to his songs, duh). Here is an example of one of his famous songs (and one of my favorites) so you can get a taste of his music:

At the concert there was a lot of people of all ages from teens, to families, to grandparents. Then there was us and I think we were the only Americans in the audience haha. David was on tour to promote his newest album Sin Mirar Atras (Without Looking Back). David was everything I expected and more in concert. He delivered his songs with his signature style: passion, good singing, spin kicks, crazy curly hair, and some Andalusian flair. He was so energetic through the entire 2 hour concert, even if I didn't know all the words of a song I was having a great time. At the end of the concert he sang his hit from the World Cup "Wavin' Flag" and obviously the crowd went crazy singing along and waving their hands. My roommates and I have always joked that we had to see him in concert while we were here so it was a great way to start of another year in Madrid!

David rockin out.
Allison, Tory, Bethany and I before the concert.
With my ticket! Woohoo!

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