Thursday, June 23, 2011

Going to the chapel...para una boda española!

When I was first invited to a Spanish wedding I had a mix of reactions the first being total excitement and the second being really nervous. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to go to such a special ceremony. But was nervious that this would be an occasion where I would definitely be the odd one out. I was totally wroing. It was amazing! I was going as Alberto (the novio's) date to his good friends Juanjo and Monica's beautiful wedding. After lots of primping we arrived at the ceremony. It was in a small church in Burgos (about 2 hours north of Madrid). The bride was stunning and the groom is in the military so many of his friends went in uniform. 
As the mass was finishing, most of the boys snuck out to "decorate" the car...glad somethings never change no matter what country you're in. 

One of the best parts of the wedding was that the bride and groom left the church under the crossed swords of the military while everyone threw rice. It made for some amazing photos and they even had some regional dancers come! 

And so did we since we were all dolled up!

Then came the good part, la fiesta! First we started (at 9 pm mind you) with cocktail hour and appetizers. There was a leg of ham, obvs and a variety of other yummy things ranging from sushi to croquetas. 

Around 10:30 we moved onto dinner which was set in a beautiful banquet hall. Each person had a card with their picture and a note from the bride and groom. So cute! Let's have a peek at the menu shall we?

Here's the translation:
Gazpacho in a glass of ice
Foie with goat cheese, membrillo, and green apple
Turbot fish with a ¨false risotto¨
Mojito and Apple sorbet
Massive steak with aged vinagarette reduction and tempura vegetables
Creme brulee with brandied raisins and icecream
Puff pastry with fresh crea
Don't forget this was all accompanied by red and white whine and cava for dessert. Ah-mazing! The bride and groom even cut their wedding cake with a sword. 

Then we moved downstairs to continue the party by dancing late into the night. Did I tell you there was a full open bar? Oh yes. The bride's mother was by my side at 6 in the morning when they kicked us out saying "Pero bueno, una hora mas!" (Come on, one more hour!) 

The Spanish may not have that whole efficiency thing down but they sure know how to party. Que vivan los novios!!


  1. Oh gosh, Spanish weddings are a WHOLE 'nother animal. A good one.