Wednesday, June 29, 2011


In Spanish, an enchufe can be a electrical socket or a connection. As in that guy that gets you into clubs all the time or the bartender that gives you free drinks. They're nice to have. My best enchufe into Spain is my boyfriend Alberto. He is most definitely the reason I have improved my Spanish about 110% but he also has been my window into the real Spain. Lucky for me, I have gotten to do things (ie la boda) , have experiences, and go places that I would probably never gotten to do on my own. This weekend was another example. Alberto's friends Nacho and Celia invited us to come to their beachfront house in Ribadesella, Asturias. I had never been to Asturias so I was really excited to finally get to go for a weekend. Asturias is located in the north of Spain and because it rains a lot there everything is amazingly green. It was a nice change from the desert-like environment of Madrid. We also got to eat some amazing Asturian food (helloooooo sidra!). 

It was a perfect relaxing weekend. We got to see the sunrise at 6 am Saturday morning (coming home from a night out).
Soak in the sun at the beautiful beach. 

Exploring the town Ribadesella and seeing some of the beauty that Asturias has to offer. 

 AND eating at the coolest restaurant I've been to in a while. Sidreria Muros was a place in in a small town off the highway. It was local, had superb food (the best grilled meat I've had in a while) and we got to eat in a sidra barrel. So cool! 
Little machine man that pours sidra and the cutest thing ever.
My enchufe himself and me cheesing. 
Our sidra barrel dining experience. Como molaaaaaaa!


  1. Spanish significant others are the BEST enchufes!

  2. For reaaaaal! I've gotten to do so much!