Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the magic 8 ball

I always sometimes wish that I could decide my major future decisions using a Magic 8 Ball. It would be so simple, and if I didn't like it I could just shake it again. This year has brought me a lot of hard decisions concerning my future and whether or not I want to stay in Spain. After all, I am really happy here but a lot of times I feel like I need to start my life in America. Most days I feel like I'm in some way avoiding reality or just not wanting to be a "grown-up." Other days I realize how many roots I have put down here in Madrid without even realizing it. I have started a life here and I'm proud of be able to do that in a foreign country (most of the time). 

In an earlier post I talked about my decision to stay in Madrid for another year but here are some more concrete details. I have accepted a position at a charter school for next year where I will be working as an english teacher. After having such a good experience and always having enjoyed working with children I would like to experience teaching on my own. It also allows me to stay and work legally in Spain (and it pays more!). This summer I have accepted a position as an English teacher working at summer camp with a company called Forenex. I will be working in Gredos a small monastary tucked into the mountains of Madrid. While I am excited about working at a summer camp (I have worked at YMCA day camp since I was 16) I am slightly terrified about being away from home for so long. It will be the longest consecutive time I've been in Spain and its really hard to be away from home for so long. I know that I'll miss hot summer nights, the 4th of July, barbeques, our family trip to the beach and NC peaches. It will be hard but I think one of the many things I have learnt from living is that if anything, I can rise to the challenge. And the future is just one big frightening and exciting challenge right? 

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