Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Last Day at Andres Segovia

There I was sitting on my last train ride to Leganes and wondering how two years had passed so quickly. I had so many good memories and at the end of two years really felt like I was part of the school. I couldn't walk down a hallway without one of the kids yelling out my name (like I was famous or something) and it was a place I considered to be my second home. The principal even joked with me that she was my Spanish mother. I couldn't even imagine leaving. 

But the day had come. I had to say goodbye to my beloved peques (little kids) and tell them that I wasn't coming back next year without bursting into tears which proved to be impossible. Although it was hard to say goodbye they did give me some excellent parting gifts in the forms of drawings and letters (more on those in a later post). I even got a beautiful orchid from the 2nd year teachers! Although I am excited about my new job next year I will miss the relationships and memeories I formed while working at Andres Segovia. It has truely been an amazing experience. 

One of my favs Hugo, chewing on his finger per usual. 

End of the year fiesta!

Oh, how I'll miss them!


  1. Los peques, ahhhhh. They do make you miss it sometimes...

  2. I knoooooow! They are so cute...well most of the time!