Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How I became a real teacher by working at camp

It's day 2 here at summer camp in Gredos and geez it is really intense! I have never worked so hard at teaching and being an auxiliar is a piece of cake compared to this job. However, I think that I am settling in well and all the other teachers have been amazing! We have all been sharing ideas and working together which has been really helpful. The camp is really isolated but it's after being in the busy city of Madrid. You can actually see stars! Fortunately, there is a town with a bar close by so we can all get some much needed relaxation. 

On the first day, we had to orally interview every child and make sure they could keep up with the curriculum that we are required to teach. It was a really long and tiring day that was followed by meetings and planning for today. Whew!

I am responsible for 14 students and have my own classroom! Most of them are 7 or 8 years old which is nice because that is the age group I have been working with. They are all really good even if they are energetic. I have been having a good time so far but I can't wait to get the hang of things in the next couple of days. Until then I've got to get some rest! More to come...

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