Monday, July 25, 2011

Surviving Campamento Part 2

Hear that? It's the sound of me breathing. For the first time in 3 weeks. I have finished my last week working for Forenex in Gredos and it has been a wild ride. Although it has been some of the best teacher training I could ask for, I would be lying to say it hasn't been stressful. Here's what a typical day looks like:
Wake up around 7:30 try to make as little noise as I get out of my creaky bed, shower and get ready for the day. Roll to breakfast and eat some cookies with a bowl of coffee. Yep, a bowl of coffee. Run around like crazy to get everything ready to start the day at 9. Class with the chavales until 10:30 when we have a quick break. Another class until 12 and then we break until the afternoon. Everyone meets with our Director of Studies to talk about the day and go over any important news. I usually work to prepare activities or grade papers until lunch at 1:30. I am usually starving so I scarf down whatever "food" the Gredos kitchen staff gives us. Scramble around again to get ready and try to control the somewhat distracted kids for 2 more hours. Hopefully they learn something hahaha. Classes end at 5 and I usually try to plan for the next day before dinner and get some fresh air. We have have a plate of  fried food that they call dinner around 8. Sometimes its hard to get down but hey, its free! Then a group of us go to the closest pueblo to patron the amazing place that is Antonio's bar. Cold beer and tapas are the perfect ending to a day at camp. 
Reppin the USA! Photo courtesy of Sarah Gonski
Although the food and living conditions weren't perfect, I had a great 3 weeks at Gredos. I met amazing people (seen above)which made the experience so much better. At the end of the day, I was a huge stress relief to have people to joke about camp life with. And we can do a mean electric slide. First step of my summer-ESL boot camp: check. 

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