Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The next step

This is my first summer not being home in the US and so far it's going great! I definitely miss my friends and family, but it has been nice to use the free time to have new adventures. I have already survived ESL teacher boot camp by working at a summer camp in Gredos (read more below) so what's next? Well, I got the idea to do a help exchange from my friends at camp Sarah and Ron as well as my friend Elizabeth. And I have been dying to do it ever since.

What is Help Exchange or HelpX? It is a program where anyone who has work on their house or farm that they need help with can write to look for "helpers". The helpers, like me, go to their house and stay with them for however long they want. In exchange for help, the person or family provides full room and board. A pretty good deal right? As someone looking to save money and have a "vacation" I think so!

So for the next 10 days I'll be going to Orgiva, Spain which is about an hour south of Granada. I will be living with a British couple and working on their garden. I'll be planting, weeding, irragation-ing, pruning olive trees, and other stuff. I have no experience gardening (minus helping my mom's frequent attempts to keep a garden) so it will be something new. I'm excited but really nervous since I don't know these people from Adam. However, they have gotten great reviews from everyone that has stayed so I know I'll have a great experience. They also have interenet so hopefully I'll get some blogging in, between my turns as a gardener. Hmmm I wonder where my overalls are...

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